As a food manufacturer we have a particular responsibility towards our consumers in three areas: health and nutrition, product quality & safety and transparent consumer information and communication

Product Safety

We do our utmost to ensure the highest quality and safety standard of our products through

  • Global Food Safety Initiative
  • Adequate risk management system
  • Allergen management
  • AIB audits
  • Factories with high standards regarding hygiene and maintenance

Examples of what we have achieved so far

Third-party assessed product safety

We collaborate with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), a worldwide alliance of companies and NGOs working together to further improve food product safety. The objective is to continuously benchmark our product safety standards against the best in the food industry. In addition, we are regularly audited by AIB, a renowned international auditing firm and experts in product safety in the food industry. All our sites need to pass frequent GFSI and AIB audits.

Early warning system

Our risk management system covers every step of the production process. This systematic approach helps us to identify product safety risks early and to take appropriate precautionary measures.

Managing product safety in the context of allergenic substances

We have developed a programme to reduce allergens. In addition, we have implemented a specific management guideline for handling allergenic substances. This guideline has increased awareness for dealing with allergens in production processes and has led to a reduction of allergy risks related to our products.