As a food manufacturer we have a particular responsibility towards our consumers in three areas: health and nutrition, product quality & safety and transparent consumer information and communication

Consumer Communication

We act responsibly in the way we inform and communicate with our consumers. Our efforts include:

  • Offering transparent information
  • Clear product labelling in line with EU regulations (Food Information for Customers Regulation)
  • Promoting activities for a healthy lifestyle
  • Signatory of the EU Pledge concerning advertising to children below 12

Examples of what we have achieved so far

Responsible marketing is our duty

The Intersnack Group is a member of the European Snacks Association (ESA) and a signatory of the EU Pledge, a voluntary initiative by leading food and beverage companies to change the way of advertising to children under the age of twelve in the European Union. It is a proposal by the industry leaders to use commercial communication to support parents in making the right diet and lifestyle choices for their children.

In 2018, the EU Pledge was further enhanced to increase transparency and accountability by launching a mechanism through which members of the public and organisations can question the compliance of marketing communications with the commitment.

More information can be found here.

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We proactively pursue a number of consumer-oriented changes in order to support consumers in a nutritious diet and a balanced lifestyle. We offer each consumer a wide selection of salted and unsalted, reduced-fat and low-fat products in different packaging sizes. Furthermore, at Intersnack we are developing more products with a higher fruit, nut, vegetable or whole grain content.